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The Body Empowerment and Coaching Project is an online personal training & coaching service built on passion for all things health & fitness.


 Providing customised training programs, nutritional recommendations, education on tracking macros and counting calories, improving quality of life with introducing sustainable lifestyle habits and balance.

Programs are suited to your goals and needs for anyone from beginner to advanced in fitness. 


 Powered by Bec Johnson, to share and spread a holistic approach to looking after your mental and physical wellbeing in an enjoyable way.

Mental health is a strong component in reaching goals and at The BEC project, I am all about helping clients build an overall healthier lifestyle with sustainable habits. 


I am a Brisbane based Personal Trainer & online coach with over 4 years of professional experience & over a decade of my own personal training in the gym, tracking calories and competing in body sculpting competitions.


I created this business out of passion for health and fitness and my drive to help others reach their optimal healthiest self, inside & out.

I first started my professional journey with studying counselling and realised there was a massive connection to with our mindset, physical health and wellbeing. I took to the fitness industry in 2017 combining my two studies to create now The BEC Project where I love to help others find their balance, introduce healthier lifestyle habits, educate around nutrition, self care and confidence and implement the right tools to achieve your goals. 

I love encouraging and educating others to transform their lives to be the very best HAPPIEST and HEALTHIEST versions of themselves and living their optimal balanced lifestyle. Giving the tools and knowledge I have gained over my years of experience to power those lasting longtime goals, building self love and confidence & generally having each aspect of life more enjoyable. 


I am a bikini competitor competing in multiple competitions from 2015 to recently 2019 in New York City on the World WNBF Stage, taking a 2nd placing home. I have competed through IFBB taking a 1st place & 5th at Arnolds but many times with no placing at all - just fire to my fuel in working towards that next time. 

Outside of competing I love to practice what I preach and live a flexible and balanced lifestyle. Training and eating well, doing daily self care practices and nourishing my mindset.

You don't get positive results from a negative environment. 


Cert III and IV in fitness
Accredited ​ISSN Sports Nutritionist

Diploma of Counselling (ACAP)

General Population Transformations (CHFI)

Pre & Post Natal Training (GGS)

Ongoing - JPS Education


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